Protecting the most vulnerable.

It has been known since the start of the virus that people who are identified as clinically extremely vulnerable may be at high risk of serious illness if they catch coronavirus (COVID-19). Hence, as lockdown restrictions are gradually being eased, it is crucial that we carry out proceedings as safely as possible in order to protect the most vulnerable. The process of protecting the most vulnerable by minimising contact and keeping outside interactions minimal is called ‘shielding’. We therefore, would strongly recommend that when going to visit vulnerable people, that you do so with a satisfactory mask. Our mask is medical grade, comfortable, reusable, but most importantly it is a mask that significantly decreases the chance of airborne virus transmission, unlike the disposable alternatives and other masks. In these unprecedented times it is imperative that we make a collective effort to prevent transmission of the virus to all people, but most importantly to those who would be hit worst by the virus. To find out what people who are considered vulnerable and whom we should be most precautionary around read here.

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