Comfortable Lightweight Face Coverings

Our comfortable lightweight Face Coverings provide effective respiratory protection which has been designed for users to wear over an extended period of time and have high-quality replaceable filters.

Significantly Improves Protection

The snug fit around the face and nose significantly improves protection from airborne infections than a standard disposable surgical face mask, dust mask and non-replaceable filter mask. This also helps prevent glasses from fogging up.

Features & Benefits




Protects against 'airborne' infectious agents

Comfortable to wear for extended time periods

Snug fitting to prevent inhailing airborne infections

Does not mist up glasses

Reusable to enhance GREEN credentials

Easy to breathe when wearing

Cost effective long term use

Washable / Easy clean

Available in Adult & Child sizes

Made in UK

Medical professionals say the correct mask is essential for maximum protection. This matrix is here to help you decide which face covering you should buy. Many Health experts and Organisations agree that face coverings are now an effective preventative measure against contagions. Our face covering can offer first line defence for you, your family, and colleagues etc. It is also a travel essential if you are concerned about the recent and current threat.

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